The trade network for used cars is often difficult to traverse, as various buyer and seller personalities are scattered. Those who aren’t exactly well-versed in automobiles can find it challenging to get a good deal on a car or even find the correct value on their sale or trade-in process. 

While some people sell their vehicles cheap for the sole purpose of getting rid of them, doing a used car check whenever possible helps with finding good deals. Suppose your car has finally surpassed its time with you, and you’re now looking for one to replace your own. In this case, you’ll want to ensure that the trade-in value you’re getting for your car is the best one available. Here are three tricks to finding the best price for your used car:

Ask Car Dealerships

Many car dealerships that aren’t licensed ones from manufacturers might try to undercut you on the price, so be sure to come in just to get a canvas. The automobile trade industry can be challenging, but dealers can be an excellent way to see the lowest price at which you can sell your vehicle. However, if you have taken reasonable care of the unit and it has very low mileage, it might be able to sell for more. 

You can make a baseline comparison through an online VIN check to see what exactly your car is worth during this day and age. The VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number and is the code that allows users to find out more about the specific model. Remember that depreciation takes plenty of things into consideration, such as condition, age, mileage, and even the model and make of a vehicle. While a dealer should be your last option to make a sale in most cases, they are the easiest way to make a quick decision and get an immediate deal. 

Use VIN Search Tools and Online Marketplaces

Finding values online can be easy using a VIN search or even using online marketplaces like Facebook and eBay. These sites will show you the real value of a car that is similar to yours, and you can make various adjustments to the price based on other factors. If your vehicle is in tip-top shape, has a shiny paint job, has never required bodyworks from accidents, and has low mileage, these can undoubtedly boost prices. 

The online marketplace typically has all kinds of vehicles available, and doing a quick search will show all types of models and makes that can help you determine a price. You might even have more luck selling on these platforms, as people are lazy and will instead transact online. Be prepared with images and details for any potential buyers, and ensure that you’re ready to answer any repetitive questions. 

Ask a Professional for an Appraisal

A professional reviewer of automobiles can help you get an appraisal for a daily driver during this day and age. Some people who typically use their services do so for luxury and exotic cars, but daily vehicles can be appraised as well. These professionals know the way cars run and how they are supposed to be priced, which comes from years of experience. The depreciation concept is often a challenging one to understand, but an agent who conducts appraisals can help you understand the process and find a final value. 


Selling a vehicle can be difficult, especially knowing how the concept of depreciation plays into the mix significantly. Those who aren’t very familiar with the world of cars might find it challenging to make a car sale that gives them the best prices, but using these three tools can help make a sale quickly. 

zipVIN is an extensive database of vehicle identification numbers through an online VIN check to see everything about buying used cars. When looking at buying or selling a car, run a free VIN search today and avoid the hassles of the whole process.

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