You may think that a brand-new car is an excellent investment, but every experienced buyer knows that a used car may be a better option. That’s because you can get a good deal on a vehicle that’s performing well and may only need a few minor tune-ups to fit your lifestyle. However, you must ensure that you understand VIN and used car checks to ensure that you make well-informed decisions. But what exactly can you expect when you do a VIN search? 

This article will discuss the three main benefits of using VIN when you check on used vehicles. Take this as an opportunity to assure yourself that every car you buy and sell is a worthwhile, long-term investment. That way, you can save even more money and become a more responsible car owner and reseller! 

Allows you to track and retrieve your stolen vehicle 

Car theft is a cause for concern for any vehicle owner, and you need to find ways to prevent it. It can be a major inconvenience to your lifestyle since you may need your car to get to work and bring your kids to school. Not to mention losing a valuable asset can affect your quality of life and prevent you from enjoying specific privileges, like having the opportunity to go out of town to rest or drive to visit friends and family. 

Fortunately, a quick VIN search can help you track down your car when it’s stolen, and you can also use it as an effective means to assist law enforcement in retrieving it. That way, the perpetrator can be brought to justice, and you can use your car and seek charges for damages. 

Ensures hassle-free transactions for both the buyer and seller

Many used car checks often come from car buyers because they know that it enables them to look at a vehicle’s maintenance history and determine whether or not it’s worth purchasing. But VIN checks can also benefit the seller, and they can look up their vehicles to assure their prospective buyers that what they are selling is worth the set price point. If you want to test the service yourself, check out our free VIN decoder and lookup service! 

Enables you to be accountable to your car insurance company 

Having a car insurance policy for your used vehicle is a prudent choice since you are unsure of what may happen in the future. However, many insurance agents may not be fond of your application because used cars often gain a bad reputation for having too many liability issues compared to new ones. But if you can prove that your vehicle doesn’t even have any problems to begin with, you can definitely get the best car insurance plan. 

The best way to be on the same page with your car insurance provider is to give them your VIN and initiate checks. Doing so ensures that you meet the requirements for a reasonable policy and don’t hide any liabilities from them. You can also use the VIN to claim any benefits stipulated by your policy to access timely resources for your convenience! 


Utilizing the VIN for used car checks is a surefire way to help you preserve your vehicle as a valuable asset. Now, you have a better understanding of the different purposes it serves. All you have to do is find the most cost-effective way to use it. Remember all the previously mentioned benefits and start your VIN search today! 

Are you looking for free VIN checks online? Log on to ZipVIN! We can provide you with the most detail-oriented information on used cars for your purchasing and selling needs. Partner with us to ensure you are making well-informed automotive investment decisions!

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