Buying and selling a car may seem like straightforward processes, but they’re two entirely challenging processes that make up a variety of factors. This is particularly important when it comes to used cars, as consumers are highly encouraged to check all the options before closing the deals. More often than not, used cars have already gone through ordeals the papers never show. 

For this reason, a used car check is paramount. One of the best ways to do this is through a vehicle history report, which is all sellers must be able to produce. This should reflect every important detail about the car’s history, including sales, transfers of ownership, and even records of accidents.

Unfortunately, not all buyers understand the importance of a history report. To help you fully understand how such a report can help shape your purchase decision, here’s a quick rundown of all its benefits: 

Benefit #1: You’ll get a closer look into accidents and damages history 

Car accidents can almost seem inevitable, and the used car you wish to purchase may have an accident or damage history. Whenever an accident occurs on the road, all parties involved are required to collect documents about the accident. Insurance companies and law enforcement agencies will likely have detailed information on these accidents, which is also present in the vehicle history report. 

Having information about the damage history is central to your purchase decision. Any damage from the accident influences the price of the vehicle, allowing you better control over the negotiations. You’ll also be effectively purchasing an already worn vehicle, which could give rise to safety problems. When it comes to such trade-offs and drawbacks, the price must always be right. 

Benefit #2: You’ll gain access to proper mileage data 

Although it may seem like a steal to have bought the most expensive car over nine years ago, keep in mind that all cars eventually lose quality. Cars naturally lose value over time, making it difficult to even sell the most luxurious of cars, unless a total reconstruction has been made.

For this reason, it’s important to always ask for the mileage data. The vehicle history report will contain just that, but more importantly, it will contain an accurate one. History reports will also contain state registrations, state inspections, and even service appointments. 

Benefit #3: You’ll discover all details about sales and ownership 

Accident history and mileage data non-negotiable factors, but you’ll also want to get all the sales and ownership information available. Most sellers do not offer access to this, but with the help of a vehicle history report, you’ll have a clear picture of the entire vehicle’s sales process. You can trace back to when it was first purchased, followed by all sales transactions done to and for the car, including repairs, maintenance, and even additional parts and other services. 

Should the seller be able to prove that a vehicle has only one owner before selling, they’ll have the liberty to sell the car for a much higher price. Anything less should be priced accordingly and with a report in your hands, you once again gain another upper hand at negotiation. 

Why Not Invest In A Trusted VIN Check Today?

Although purchasing a new car may be the better route, understand that there is nothing wrong with purchasing an already used car. However, choosing this route will mean certain challenges involved, especially when it comes to identifying the transactions involved with the car in question. You need to gain perfect insight into its entire history, making a vehicle history report pertinent to your decision. The goal here is to ensure value for your money—more often than not, all it takes is simple access to the documentation!

For an online VIN check, zipVIN has you covered. We ensure that our customers get a hold of the most comprehensive and updated vehicle histories, which can help protect them from fraud and other issues associated with used cars. Our services come at affordable prices—get a report today!

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